New Wilmington Art Association (NWAA) membership is open to all artists. New members are accepted on a rolling basis. The only requirements for NWAA membership are a desire to consistently make, actively exhibit, support works of art in the City of Wilmington and creatively engage with the opportunities the NWAA provides.
The 2011-2012 membership dues are $50 dollars for the year. Membership dues are not tax deductible. If you are interested in becoming a member contact us via email at:

Current Membership Benefits

  •  New Wilmington Art Association members are invited to participate in annual group exhibitions during the 2011-2012 exhibition schedule. These exhibitions are juried by the NWAA curatorial committee and by guest jurors from area galleries, museums and institutions.
  • New Wilmington Art Association members are strongly encouraged to create and submit curatorial proposals for solo or group exhibitions and additional programming throughout the year.
  • Inclusion in the annually produced and distributed print publication record of our members, activities and exhibitions for the year.
  • Opportunities to share your new work, upcoming exhibitions and projects with the growing NWAA network via our direct social media platforms, including Facebook, Constant Contact email, the NWAA website and blog.
  • Special opportunities to present (and fund!) your creative projects at WilmingtonSTIR , a local Sunday Soup micro-grant initiative generated by the NWAA and the Public Allies Delaware Alumni Council.
  • Special consideration for our progressive exhibition collaborations with other area Wilmington organizations. Previous and upcoming collaborations  include the Delaware Historical Society and Museum, Winterthur Museum and the Shipley Lofts Artist Community.
  • A connection to a resource network of nearly 120 creative professionals, artists, makers, writers, curators, thinkers and a few people with regular access to a van.
An NWAA Membership Experience: MARK PACK
“I moved to Wilmington, Delaware in the fall of 2010 with my wife Crista so she could attend graduate school at Winterthur. I became connected with the NWAA immediately after doing some research about the art scene in Wilmington. The NWAA seemed like a group that was interested in what was happening in Wilmington and the region. Once I moved to the area, my first two regional shows were facilitated through the NWAA; Works on Paper and New Wilmington Painting (both in Wilmington). Through the NWAA I became connected with a new gallery space being created in the Chestnut Hill section of Philadelphia called Gravers Lane Gallery. My work is now professionally represented by Gravers Lane Gallery regionally and in October I will be having my first solo exhibition in Philadelphia at the gallery. Without the help of the NWAA none of this would have been possible; they really helped me get connected right away to the arts community in this area.”

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Member Artists

Tiernan Alexander / Crystala Armagost / Benjamin Austin / Delainey Barclay / Jeni Barton / Dennis Beach* / Carolyn Behrens / Cody Bloom / Brandon Boan / Gina Bosworth / Todd Breitling / Nancy Breslin / Darrell Brock / Brookes Britcher / Breck Brunson / Isadora Bullock / Emily Bunker / Alexander Chassey / Jane Chesson / Zach Chupa / Luigi Ciuffetelli / Hunter Clarke-Fields / Laura Cox / Juliette Crosson / Bohdan Darway / Sarah Davenport /  Tiffany Delio / Jennifer Dillner-Vincent / Jinming Dong / Mark Donohue / Abby Donovan / Tim Eads / Jason Fawcett / Caitlin Fennelley / Al Flemming / Molly Fletcher / Alex Fogt / Francine Fox / Robert Fraze / Scott Frelick / Bruce Garrity /Erin Gibson / Penni Gioffre / Rodney Godek / E.C. Graney / Joey Grimm / Allison Haug / Preston Hershey / Jeanine Hill / Pahl Hluchan / Genie Huskins / Anders Johnson / Daniel Johnson / Stacey Johnson-Brown / Ryan Jones / Jennifer Jones-O’Neil / Michael Kalmbach / Amanda Kamen / Jacob Koestler* / Patrick Koziol / Katrina Kuntz* / Annette Laszczkowska / Felise Luchansky / Catharine Maloney / Dan Mahlman / Chris Marrero / Gabriel Martinez / Michael Matarese / Ben McCullough / Chelsea Memmolo / Michael Merry / Lee Millard / David Miller / Jared Mimm / Ahlen Moin / Gregg Morris / Jeffrey Moser / Eric Napier / Josh Nobiling / Mark Pack / Ashley Pigford / Esteban Pilonieta / Nikholis Planck / Ekaterina Popova / Daniel Potterton / Timothy Reighart / Bryan Patrick Rice / Troy Richards / Dan Rios / Krista Rothwell / Stephen Ruszkowsk  / Phillip Scarpone /Chuck Schultz / Lauren Scott / Ken Segal / Jacob Smiley / Cynthia Stepp / Shannon Tomanovich / Brad Turner / Lauren Vanni / Anthony Vega / Brooke Wagner / Alex Wang / Andrew Wapinski / Barbara Warden / Andy Webber / Benjamin F. Weaver / Eddie Whelan / Jim Zeske
* Honorary Members


Kathryn Denhardt / Margaretta Frederick / Allison Gullo / David & Meg Holden / Alfred Lance, Jr. / Michael Martin / David Meyer / Amelia Nelson / Bryan Petrak / Willetta Piatt / Barry Schlecker / Lynda Schmid / Bill Shea / Stan Smokler / Bob Straight / Scott Straw / Scott Strong / Jessica Sturgis / The Ingerman Group / University of Delaware Department of Art / Brian Volchko / Christian Winburn


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