NWAA Director develops The Creative Vision Factory

Recently, NWAA Founder and Director Michael Kalmbach has embarked on another creative endeavor in downtown Wilmington, the development of The Creative Vision Factory. This new organization, funded by the Delaware Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health, aims to provide an alternative recovery resource for regional individuals suffering from substance abuse, psychiatric disorders and homelessness. Kalmbach’s vision for the services of the space include personalized art workshops, writing and story groups, public exhibitions, team athletics, yoga and even Transcendental Meditation.  The grand opening of the space featured an exhibition titled American Way: Outsider Art, curated from the extensive “outsider art” collection of Barry Schlecker, founder of the Brandywine Festival of the Arts and three area film festivals — the Newark Film Festival, WilmFilm Fest and Outflix. Kalmbach recently discussed his latest transformative project with the Delaware News Journal.

I see my organizing work as an extension of my practice,” he said. “… And we’ll be looking at radically expanding what we consider artistic practice as well. We’re looking at anything that is productive, creative practice. … We’re producing our own recovery paths, and it’s an exciting project to think through.

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The Creative Vision Factory
701 N. Shipley Street
Wilmington, De 19801

The Creative Vision Factory is where creative individuals share their experience, strength, and hope. We imagine a community free of stigma, where the creative vision of all individuals is valued. We recognize that creative solutions often come from outsider perspectives. We seek to create a space where those perspectives are shared and the solutions are realized in a social atmosphere promoting recovery among peers.

The Creative Vision Factory is open to people with lived experience of recovery from mental health and addiction disorders, and to those artists without diagnosis who are interested in sharing their creative pursuits in a social environment that has no regard for stigma or labels. The integrated community at The Creative Vision Factory promotes understanding and acceptance of recovery and the artistic vision of all people.”

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