NWAA presents the 2011 Print Portfolio

The 2011 NWAA Print Portfolio
Just like the NWAA membership, this unique collection of art covers a wide aesthetic spectrum. Sales of the portfolio enable New Wilmington Art Association to purchase the refreshments, insurance, communication and exhibition materials that sustain our activities.

About the Portfolio
Every portfolio contains twelve 8″ x 10″ works on paper. The 7 editions and 5 one-of-a-kind works of art were created by the following NWAA members:

Crystal Armagost                  
Nancy Breslin
Rodney Godek
Preston Hershey
Michael Kalmbach
Amanda Kamen
Matt Kowal
Annette Laszczkowska
Michael & Linda Merry
Joshua Nobling
Daniel Potterton
Jane Quartarone     

The 2011 NWAA Print Portfolio becomes more expensive as the availability of the edition runs out. Any one of these individual works could easily be valued at $100. The 2011 NWAA Print Portfolio gives you 12 unique works that can be collected, traded, and cherished.

Portfolio Edition #1-#5 : $100
Portfolio Edition #6-#10 : $125
Portfolio Edition #11-#15 : $150
Portfolio Edition #16-#20 : $200

To place an order, email us at new.wilmington.art@gmail.com

Thank you for your support!


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